Case Studies

Connexion Technology has worked with a variety of customers over the years.


Process Workflow Integration

Implementation of a full SOA system, for the organisations systems, using SharePoint as the front end human workflow, windows workflow and BizTalk to communicate with all of the back end systems.

SharePoint 2010 was used as the front end, providing a consistent portal into the organisation. There were dashboards, document libraries, site collections and form collections. All documents were migrated from an existing older SharePoint instance, new dashboards providing a view to current activities and status were created. Sites for the various major departments were created. Forms were created for the various tasks and workflow put in place to handle the approval of these forms. EG: Leaving the organisation, required approval from a manager, including notification to HR and updating the HR system. The HR System was automatically updated when the workflow was approved by using BizTalk to interface to SharePoint and to the HR system.


Financial Banking Gateway

1.4 Billion worth of transactions monthly This very large client needed to communicate to their BANK and provide an interface for submitting payment recons. The interface needed to be secure, with the bank insisting on the use of the physical security device attached to the pc via the serial port. This device would provide a unique code, which time shifted every 30 seconds. We needed to receive the message from their SAP system, interface to this device, attach the code to the destination message, encode and encrypt the message, then communicate with the MQ Series system at the Bank. This needed to work EVERY time, any failure to process a payment could result in serious financial penalties for late payment, considering many of the payments were in the millions.


SAP Integration

SAP was a major cost with both the implementation and the constant modification to SAP for external interfaces. BizTalk was chosen to provide a single point of entry for all SAP inbound, and outbound data flows. The cost savings on this were substantial. We steered the solution with the client and managed the team on the project.


Full Enterprise Integration

Multi-Million Pound project over 2 year period. 40+ projects, over 100 schemas, over 50 orchestrations, 4 custom adapters. This enabled the processing of over 30,000 transactions an hour. Replacing several legacy vb6, and several layers of the existing technology with a more robust and scalable architecture, integrated into the existing system, to enable the client to move forward for the future of 45000 transactions an hour.


Legacy System Retirement

The client was locked into a legacy system to send SMS messages, they wished to move to a cheaper provider, we used BizTalk to imitate the legacy system, and communicate with the new system. The cost savings in the first three months were over 500k, given the cost of the system was only 80k, and they send over a million sms messages per month, for everything from specials, price draws and new store openings.


Process Improvement

  • Payment Transaction Receipting system connecting to a mainframe.
  • Market system, communication with multiple external vendors
  • Business integration with mainframe systems, where the new financial system communicated with their existing mainframe systems.